Post on Instagram and get a blouse!

Blouse gift for RonRon's product image submission!
In addition, a 10% OFF coupon will be presented by posting a review on the website ♡
<How to post on Instagram>
1. Take a picture (jumper skirt, dress, dress, any product is OK)
2. Tag this account on your Instagram feed or story & post with " #ronron outfit photo "
3. We will check the post, so please wait a moment *We may introduce (repost) your wonderful paintings on our account as a reference for the next customer, or post them on other SNS, online shops, etc.
* The blouse gift is for those who purchase a total of 6000 yen or more.
<Flow to gift>
・We will contact you via DM on Instagram, and once we receive your confirmation, we will proceed with the shipment of the blouse.
・The size and design of the blouse will be sent at random.
・We will send you the same size as the clothes you purchased. (If you want a different size than the clothes you purchased, please contact us by DM on Instagram)
<How to post a review on HP>
  1. Open the product page you purchased
  2. Send a review from the review form on the product page
  3. After confirming the review, you will receive a coupon by e-mail.

customer review form image

Fill in all the pink boxes, tap the number of stars in the rating, and click Send to complete the review.

Since the purchaser is judged by the e-mail address , please enter the same e-mail address as the one you used when purchasing the product.

*Please be assured that your email address will not be displayed.

Please note that if the e-mail address is different, the coupon cannot be given.

I present a coupon by an email after review confirmation

A notification will be sent to the management at the same time as the review is sent, so we will check the purchased product from the address of the review posting and if there is no problem, we will send you a coupon by e-mail.

The expiration date of the coupon to be sent is 2 months from the date of distribution, and it cannot be used in combination with other coupons.

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