DISNEY LOLITA ディズニー ロリータ おすすめコーディネート 注意点 仮装禁止 海プリントドレス シック キュート 甘ロリ

Going out to Disney in Lolita fashion ♡ Check the rules and important points.

Disney Lolita Disneyland Lolita Clothing Lolita Sweet Lolita Recommended Coordination Disguise Prohibited

Did you know that you can enter Disneyland wearing lolita clothes?

Disney is truly a dream world.

It's a dreamland where you can enjoy the world of stories with your whole body. There are a few rules to enjoy "Lolita Disney", when you can enter the Disney Resort in Lolita clothes. 

As I directly interviewed the person in charge of the Disney Resort, I would like to introduce the "rules for entering Disneyland in Lolita fashion and recommended coordination that matches the theme of Disneyland" .

Dreamland Disney is a place where Lolita fashion matches ♡


Lantern Sleeve Retro Elegant Dress A monochromatic dress with ruffles, lace and lantern sleeves, perfect for Lolita style.
lantern sleeve classic dress


"Tokyo Disney Resort" was created so that you can enjoy the world view of Disney stories from your heart. in addition, the fantasy world and medieval European townscapes are reproduced, so that you can shoot everywhere, such as in front of the castle or the garden in the park.  Photogenic!

In the newly opened "Beauty and the Beast" area, "Cinderella Castle" and "Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall" where you can feel like Alice.

A wildly happy Toontown with a western background from the American frontier and Disney animation characters.. Cute food, Mickey goods, photo sessions with the characters, and of course with friends who impress together. Commemorative photos are also fun.


Nodding Autumn Color Bittersweet Lolita One Piece Chic and melty autumn color one piece. Injecting cute spices into the simple design with trendy big colors and lace ribbons.

Autumn Color Lolita Dress

Let's enjoy Disneyland with lolita twin outfit!

If you're going out with a good Lolita, it's nice to have matching twin outfits or coordinating in different colors!

It is also recommended for people who want to wear lolita clothes but don't have the courage to go out to Disneyland or USJ in matching fashion such as twins fashion or similar looks.

Absolutely cute when you walk side by side in matching Lolita fashion♡
Even though they're cute on their own, just imagining them lined up in different colors will make you feel better!

There is no doubt that the tension will be higher than usual from the planning stage before going to the theme park!

Even if you don't wear clothes with the same design, it's also recommended to go out with theme-based link coordinations such as "Meeting in a sweet lolita outfit" or "Gothic lolita outfit for Halloween"!

Ribbon and Frill Cow Print Long Sleeve Sweet Lolita Dress A very cute Lolita dress with a cow print. It has two colors and is very simple, but the large cow pattern with a strong presence expresses cuteness. The many frills and ribbon decorations also give off a girly and cute impression.

animal print lolita dress



British Classical Lolita Velvet Dress Lolita Disney Classical Lolita Kuralori

Actress-style clarroli dress


Classical dress of falling flowers Lolita Disney Classical Lolita Kuralori

Classical dress of falling flowers


I think there are many active lolitas who want to go shopping and take pictures, but also want to enjoy attractions. It is also highly sensitive, so care must be taken.

Please check the precautions and be prepared to go out!

Costumes are prohibited at Disney, but is it okay to enter the park in Lolita clothes?

A lolita dress with a gentle color that looks like mixed whipped cream. It is a dress that incorporates sweet attention to detail, such as elegantly shining pearls and small ribbons. The light blue dress and front apron are just like Alice in Wonderland.


Disneyland prohibits adults (junior high school students and older) from entering the park in costumes. In the Q&A, it says, "We ask that you refrain from entering the park if it is deemed unsuitable for other guests or that you are not suitable for entering the park."

When I spoke to a Disney staff member the other day, she said, "You are wearing Lolita clothes to enter the park, but as long as you wear clothes that you normally wear, there is no problem. However, if other guests Please refrain from entering the park or wear a jacket, etc. I may be allowed to do it."

A sweet loli jumper skirt with a dreamy and cute frill design on the chest. See-through fabric is layered on top of the skirt for a girly charm. The cute illustration of the ribbon print will make you feel sweeter.

Yumekawa Lolita Dress

Basically, it is okay to enter the park in Lolita outfits, but it is not acceptable to choose a dress that resembles a character in a Disney movie.

Any clothes you normally wear are fine. A Disneyland staff member told me to be careful, as the design of the princess dress will overlap with anything that is too decorative and elaborate.

Also, please note that costumes and cosplay that resemble characters from other stories, movies, and animations are prohibited.

However, during the Halloween event, you are allowed to dress like a character from a Disney movie or dress like a heroine. This is also "only when the event is held", so don't forget to check it. I talked about the Disney Halloween event at the end of the column, so please read it.

If you really want to wear a princess-style dress, be sure to prepare a jacket and a change of clothes in case you get called out and enter the Disney Resort.

How to choose Lolita clothes to enjoy Disney Resort

Rabbit Bicolor Lolita Dress A dress featuring a large, gentle rabbit. The lace on the hem is bi-color, so it tightens the whole look.

Rabbit Alice Dress Lolita

When entering Disneyland in Lolita clothes, please be aware that voluminous skirts and hairstyles may annoy other guests.

As for the panniers, they get in the way when you ride attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, and you may get in the way of people sitting next to you at popular shows such as Turtle Talk and Night Parade. Hmm.

People in the back seat don't want to wear voluminous hats and hairstyles because they can't see the show.


  • Be careful not to make the dress design the same as the heroine of the story
  • Keep pannier volume modest
  • Prepare the head dress on the assumption that it will be removed when riding a ride type vehicle.

The headdress should be detachable, and the hairstyle should not be too voluminous .
A petticoat is also recommended as a substitute for a pannier.

Hem Petal Frill Summer Lolita Petticoat This versatile petticoat is a pannier substitute for Kura Lori, Sweet Lolita, White Lolita, Hana Lolita, Gothic Lolita, and Black Lolita.

summer pannier

When it comes to panniers at events and at Disneyland, we recommend that you choose modestly voluminous panniers , but if you really want to look great, bring another organza pannier and take pictures here! It's also good to stack 2 of them.



Recommended Lolita Clothing by Theme Park at Disneyland


Lolita Disney Retro Dreamy Lolita Dress with Light Pink Waist Belt A mid-waisted, A-line Lolita dress that "feels overflowing with cuteness" the moment you see it. The ruffled collar with ribbon and the pale pink ribbon-like belt are eye-catching. Although it has a fantastic retro feel, it is also a point that it can be used daily.

Lady One Polo Lita Dress with Pink Pearls


Disney Resort has two theme parks.
At Disneyland, where fantasy worlds and medieval European townscapes are reproduced, fancy sweet loli dresses and clothes with pop images are suitable. From the dresses on sale at RonRon, we have selected the recommended dresses for each theme park.

It takes several weeks to deliver from an overseas manufacturer to Japan, so if you decide which Image Disney you want to go to, please order early.

fantasy land Recommended Lolita Coordination in


Lolita Disney A cute Lolita dress that looks like a girl from a fairy tale. The skirt is a patchwork design using denim, checkered and daisy patterned fabrics. It's asymmetrical, so you can enjoy different expressions every time you move. The embroidered daisy, the ruffles on the chest, and the head kerchief of the same fabric are all part of the natural cuteness. It is recommended for Kurarori who is aiming for rustic cuteness.

fairy tale dress

In fantasyland, where dreams come true, we recommend a simple, brightly colored, easy-to-move dress with a modest pannier so that you can go on a magical adventure with Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh.



Lolita Disney A chiffon dress that sparkles like a fairy. The light color and the sheer fabric go well together and cutely express your girlishness and the softness of the frills. The frills on the layered skirt also have a beautiful drape, and the soft fabric gives it a relaxed feel, creating an atmosphere like a holiday princess. A sweet loli outfit with a voluminous pannier is important because the fluffy silhouette of the skirt is important.

Pure Color Fairy Princess Lolita Dress

In Cinderella Castle and the Beauty and the Beast area, how about a sparkling chiffon dress like a “holiday princess”?


Lolita Disney Ribbon and dot high waist Lolita jumper skirt. Lolita jumper skirt with eye-catching polka dot and ribbon illustration. Cute elements such as heart-shaped buckles around the shoulders and flower-shaped buttons on the chest are packed. There are two colors, black and red. Perfect for sweet loli

Ribbon print dot dress

If you visit Mickey's friends' homes in a very happy town where Disney animation characters (toons) live, pop and lovely clothes will suit you. Lined up with Minnie Mouse, it might look like a best friend!


world bazaar Recommended Lolita Coordination in
Lolita Disney World Bazaar Victorian-style Lolita fashion The light blue and white hues, combined with a slightly glossy and sheer feel, bring out your elegant sex appeal. The silhouette of the layered frilled skirt that spreads out gently creates a soft impression, and is perfect for sweet lolitas Lolita one-piece Victorian era frills
Layered Frill Lolita Dress

If you enjoy a photo session and shopping at the World Bazaar, where elegant buildings from the Victorian era line the eaves, a cute and clean Kuraloli dress with classic details is perfect.


adventure land Recommended Lolita Coordination in


Disneyland lolita fashion. Adventureland Classical dress with materials such as checks and stripes in pastel colors. The hem has a three-tiered lace, and the cuffs are voluminous. Claroli A sweet lollipop made by adding small sweet items

Pastel Gingham Lolita Dress

In the dark caves of the hinterland of adventure world with a tropical atmosphere

There is an attraction of "Pirates of the Caribbean", an adventure and thrill trip to the era when pirates ruled the sea. Pirates of the Caribbean is an attraction where you can experience the world of "Pirates of the Caribbean" played by Johnny Depp. From the 16th to the early 18th century, women wore dresses to give them an air of grace and elegance. How about dressing up like Elizabeth Swann and going on a voyage?

critter country Recommended Lolita Coordination in


Disneyland Critter Country Lolita Pastoral Style Stitch Design Lolita Jumper Skirt The blouse and jumper skirt are sold separately. Jeanska with three colors of green, brown and white gives a rustic and pastoral impression. The polka dot pattern on the skirt is just the right amount of accent, giving it a girly and sweet design. Recommended for those who want to change a little from the classic sweet loli style of pink and white.

country dress


In Critter Country, where you can take a leisurely tour of the wetlands of the American South where small animals live on a log boat, "Splash Mountain" is eye-catching, and the idyllic Lolita dress is great for photos. Take a commemorative photo in front of the house of Aunt Mirabella the goose

western land Recommended Lolita Coordination in

Pastoral Style Retro Color Lolita Jumper Skirt Green Yellow Lolita Janska Jumper Skirt

Pioneer era dress Lolita

It's fun to imagine the western frontier with this dress inspired by the frontier days of America.


Recommended lolita outfits in Tomorrowland

Comes with apron, strawberry milk color, sweet lolita jumper skirt with strawberry print A jumper skirt with a pink and white design and a sweet cuteness like strawberry milk. Girly prints such as strawberries, bears and cakes on the skirt

Pop Color Dress Pink Lolita

At TOMORROWLAND, where you can experience a trip to the distant universe and a moving musical show, you will look good in bright and pop Lolita clothes.


Lolita clothes recommended for DisneySea


Disney Sea Lolita Lolita jumper skirt with ocean print. A punk-style jumper skirt with a lace-up front and design around the waist. The print on the skirt also matches the design and enhances the punk style. Combine it with a cloak for a classic look.

marine print dress


"Tokyo Disneyland" was created so that you can enjoy the world view of Disney stories to your heart's content. Overall, it has a more mature atmosphere compared to Land. The calm scenery of the sea goes well with elegant clothes.


DisneySea Lolita A dress with a rustic and neat atmosphere with an oil painting print. There are frills on the neck and the front part, which makes it very girly. A special veil is layered for an elegant and elegant chic clarroli. Recommended for those who want to experience a classical atmosphere.
oil painting classical print dress
The recommended Lolita outfits for going to DisneySea include Ama-Lori's jumper skirt with ocean-themed prints, and Kuralori-san's chic clothes that match the townscape with motifs of Italian ports and canals.



Disney Sea Lolita A classic Lolita dress with a simple A-line design. A large collar like a sailor in a simple style, flower embroidery on the chest, and voluminous sleeves. The waist tie creates a beautiful silhouette. We recommend wearing it as a cute daily Lolita, or adding a ribbon or headdress to enjoy it in a different way. A dress that is easy to use even for beginners of Kurarori.

sailor collar classical dress


Disney Sea Lolita short-sleeved dress that reminds you of sweet Lolita candy. Lace puff sleeves are eye-catching. The high-waist and A-line style makes this Lolita dress look good, and is recommended for sweet lolitas.

Sweetheart & Ribbon Dress


Uniform style Lolita dress with neck ribbon and high waist belt. An illustration of a cute little bear is drawn on the three-tiered frills of the skirt, making it a very cute dress with a sweet impression. The beige color gives it a soft and retro feel. This is a recommended piece for sweet loli who likes retro girly.

bear print lolita dress

If you want to take a photo in front of the small red boarded building of Aunt Peg's shop, which sells Duffy and ShellieMay stuffed animals and other goods, you can have a photo session with Duffy and ShellieMay, and you can also buy lovely Lolita clothes. I agree.


Coordinate with seasonal events and get excited


Disney Valentine's Day Lolita Sweet Cat Apron-style Lolita dress An apron-style dress with a cute pink ribbon and cat illustration, full of sweet feeling. "Chocolate color perfect for Valentine's Day"
chocolate color lolita dress


Disney holds special events for each season, such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

The costumes of the characters and the decorations in the park are also special during the event period, so if you enter Disney Park with coordination that is conscious of the season event, you will have even more fun spending time in the Land of Dreams. No doubt!

Disney Christmas Lolita A bright red dress with a print of a bear in a Santa hat that will make you feel like Christmas. A cute and sweet Christmas mood with a sailor-style collar and a large ribbon on the front. Accessories can be sweet and cute, but black accessories and loafers are also recommended for a chic sweet Lolita style.
Christmas Bear Lolita Dress
Pastel colors and floral prints look great during the Easter event. Black clothes for Halloween, red clothes for Christmas, and heart-patterned or chocolate-patterned clothes for Valentine's Day.


Disney Halloween Cosplay Event Canceled for 2021

Disney Halloween Lolita Gothic Lolita has many zippers, so you can open the zipper on the chest to create a collar or close it. Also, when the zipper on the skirt is closed, it looks hard, and when it is open, the red checkered frills.

halloween gothic lolita dress

As many of you may know, adults are allowed to dress up as Disney characters (cosplay) during the Disney Halloween event held in October every year . In 2021, there are no plans to hold a “Disney Halloween” event due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. You cannot enter Disneyland in cosplay or fancy dress!

Disney Halloween will be held in 2022!

Gothic Gothic Lolita

See all Gothic Lolita items

In October, if you think you can impress Disney by dressing up in costumes, or if you want to wear lolita fashion with a design that is similar to the characters in the story, be careful.

If you are wearing a Lolita costume designed to look like a Disney character costume, you may not be able to enter the park. In that case, it is better to bring a cardigan that can be coordinated. .

→During Disney Halloween, you can wear a dress similar to the heroine and enter Disneyland!


Halloween Lolita Gothic Lolita


Disney Halloween Lolita Dress with a black base and a dark atmosphere Although it is a black base, the ribbon and lace have different textures to give it a moderately luxurious feel. The white around the neck expresses a sense of looseness so as not to make it heavy.

black lolita halloween dress

Disneyland Halloween Lolita Gothic Lolita Dress Mail Order Black Dress Lolita Fashion Mail Order

 lantern sleeve classic dress

For lolitas who want to enjoy Halloween, we recommend wearing gothic lolita fashion. Blood stains and excessive make-up are strictly prohibited, so please be careful not to look like a cosplayer.

Anyone can wear a costume for Disney Halloween in 2022!

You can also enter with a princess or heroine cosplay that everyone knows!

Adult costumes are not allowed, especially at Disneyland . However, it is a well-known story that costumes are OK during the Halloween period .

In 2022, you can dress up as your favorite Disneyland character and enjoy the park!

Disneyland is a dream world where you can meet new worlds

Lolita Disney Recommended Coordination Jumper Skirt High waist, middle length, wine red milk girl style jumper skirt. The combination of red ribbon and white lace is cute, and it is recommended for sweet loli.

Heart Pocket Lolita Dress


Walt Disney, the creator of Disneyland, created Disneyland in order to convey to the younger generation the joy of actively exploring the unknown world and voluntarily learning.
A princess-like Lolita dress with plenty of frills. The frills on the collar and cuffs of the sailor are very cute, and the satin ribbon on the chest gorgeously decorates the upper body. The skirt has a layered design and is very voluminous, and the lace and checkered pattern make it look more girly.

fluffy color lolita

Not only Lolita people who are wondering where to go wearing Lolita clothes, but also Lolita beginners who have never tried Lolita fashion are starting to learn Lolita fashion as a "new way to enjoy Disney" to experience the extraordinary feeling. please try.

If you have any trouble, the shop staff will help you choose a dress.

Lolita jumper skirt perfect for Disneyland. A pop and cute dress perfect for Disneyland A Lolita jumper skirt based on an impressive wine red. The blue dot-patterned ribbon and fluffy skirt are perfect for a sweet loli.

sweet ribbon suspender skirt

For Lolita who wants to enjoy the world in a dream world surrounded by lots of "kawaii!", RonRon wants to deliver wonderful clothes collected from all over the world.

If you can make a reservation for Disney, please make a reservation for RonRon's clothes.

USJ Lolita USJ in lolita clothes Universal Studios Japan USJ

USJ in lolita fashion


RonRon is now able to deliver some of our popular dresses as soon as the next day✨

If you have decided to go out suddenly but have not decided on the coordination, please check out the "immediate delivery" products .

Arrive the next day at the shortest


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