The 154cm tall staff member tried on sizes S and M!

A short tall staff member compared the most popular jumper skirt 🎀

🎀RonRon Lolita fashion mail order🎀Introducing the CHANNEL video✨

This time, a staff member who is 154cm tall compared RonRon's most popular classic JSK in size S and size M!

The clothes worn are a classic 2way high waist jumper skirt.

A classic and elegant jumper skirt that was also worn by Midori Fukasawa.

It is a popular item because it has no tucks around the waist, giving it a neat look, so even those with bone-strapped skin can wear it neatly.

Classic 2way high waist jumper skirt

In the brand image, the model who is 175cm tall is wearing this outfit, so it looks like it's knee-length.

If you are 154cm tall, the length is long enough to cover your calves, but the size S feels perfect!

The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted to 3 levels with the button, so you can change it to the perfect size♡

Size M is a little longer and has room around the waist. The back of the waist is lace-up, so it can be adjusted a little, but I found the S size to be a better fit in terms of length and balance!


🎀RonRon (Ronron) Lolita fashion mail order🎀CHANNEL also uploads various other matching and coordination videos. Please check it out♪

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