I tried on the shortest pannier in RonRon history🎀

Question: Try on the shortest 30cm pannier among the RonRon panniers!

🎀RonRon Lolita fashion mail order🎀Introducing the CHANNEL video✨

This time I tried on RonRon's shortest and most risqué 30cm pannier 🎵

Clothes are 4-layer panniers 30cm

4 layer pannier 30cm

Sheer stand collar elegant ruffle dress

Sheer stand collar elegant ruffle dress

I tried to pair a 30cm pannier with clothes that I usually pair with a 43cm or 46cm pannier.

Is it weird? It's too short? That's what I thought, but it might turn out surprisingly well! ? It's a tiered type skirt, so it has just the right amount of volume.

By the way, the length of this dress is 99cm!

This pannier is especially recommended for short people and mini-length clothes.


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