RonRon Clothes will arrive like this!

Is the gorgeous dress really just like the picture? When it arrived, it was different from the picture! ? In fact, I will complete it myself!

🎀RonRon Lolita fashion mail order🎀Introducing the CHANNEL video✨

Is this princess-like dress really the same as the picture? Something will be different when it arrives! ? actually…


The clothes worn are Song in the Moonlight princess dress full set.

In addition to the pastel pink, she wears in the video, she also comes in pastel blue! Both are cute💓

When I opened the product I received, it looked a little sadder than the image. ?

Actually, the ribbon and sleeve frills for this product are separate parts, and you have to attach them one by one yourself!

There are so many that it took me 5 minutes to put them all on! It's a lot of work, but it's fun because it feels like you're making your own princess dress♪

This time I attached it as shown in the image, but you can also arrange where you attach it to your taste.

By the way, you can wash these clothes by hand if you remove all the attached parts! Please wash quickly and gently after turning it inside out to avoid damaging the lace.

RonRon sells many other princess-like dresses ♪ Please check them out 🎀

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🎀RonRon (Ronron) Lolita fashion mail order🎀CHANNEL also uploads various other matching and coordination videos. Please check it out♪

We are also accepting questions and requests. We look forward to your questions in the comments section on YouTube and TikTok !

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