Q. Are there Lolita clothes that can also be used as sun protection?

Are there lolita clothes that can protect against sunburn even in summer? Introducing a smooth and comfortable dress ♫

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This is an answer video to the question that came from TikTok!

I want to take measures against sunburn even in summer! But I don't like the heat! This dress is recommended for those who say.


The dress she wears is an Edwardian elegant rose-printed classic lolita dress .

The staff is 160 cm tall and wears M size.

This outfit has arm sleeves and a stand-up collar around the neck to protect against sunburn.

You can also wear it indoors as a short sleeve by removing the arm sleeves.

The smooth fabric makes it comfortable to wear and it's surprisingly not hot!

I'm wearing a pannier in the video, but it's long and cute even without a pannier, so I don't want to wear a pannier in the middle of summer! Even when it's ok 🌞

This is a rose print type, but there is also a plain type with the same design.

Available in 3 colors: off-white, pink, and black.


↑The black color gives a completely different impression, giving it a more grown-up, gothic-lolita style.

Black only comes with black arm sleeves, other colors come with off-white arm sleeves💓


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