RonRon のドレスは本当に写真とおり豪華なの??

Are RonRon dresses really gorgeous the same as the pictures? ?

I tried to check with RonRon's gorgeous dress. Because we are worried about online shopping, "Will the product really arrive as shown in the picture?"

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This time, I tried to check the anxiety of online shopping, "Will the product really arrive as shown in the picture?"


The dress I will check is a gorgeous princess dress

The dress I check is  a full set of Secret Key rococo style flower princess dress, which is particularly gorgeous among RonRon's products.

A bonnet and choker are also included for a total coordination ♪

The image of the model is gorgeous and cute. But can I receive a princess-like dress like this? ? ?

RonRon staff chi 🎀 actually tried it on♪


It's delicate to the smallest detail and really gorgeous ♡

The lace, ribbons, and elegant printed patterns are really delicate to the smallest details, making it very gorgeous and cute.


Accessories such as bonnets and chokers may be more luxurious than the photos. ?

The bonnet and choker are also decorated with plenty of flowers and ribbons. Maybe the real one is more luxurious and  more cute than the image? ?

Although the veil is not attached in the video, it can also be attached to the bonnet.

The bonnet is a little heavy with the extravagant veil, but it looks great in photos! !


The whole body is like a princess and gorgeous!

Full body is here! It's a dress like a princess. It's gorgeous as shown in the product photo.

Many of RonRon's products sell accessories such as bonnets separately, but this product is different, it's included. so it's surprisingly affordable when you think about it as a whole.


Conclusion: You will receive the dress which is exactly the same as picture! !

I'm worried because I can't get the real one when I shop online, but the product was exactly the same as the model's image 🎵

Everyone, please find your favorite one and try it on 💓


Click here for a list of cute and mature princess dresses ↓

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