[Warning] Please be careful of fake sites

Thank you for always using RonRon.

We are currently confirming the existence of a "fake site" that is plagiarizing store names, images, text, and other information from our site without permission.

The "fake site" may use our store name "RONRON" or "RONRON-LOLITA" and the URLs are very similar, so there are cases where people are mistakenly directed to the fake site when searching. .

We have no relationship whatsoever with "fake sites".

If a customer uses such a "fake site", the customer's ID, password, and personal information may be fraudulently stolen, the product may not be delivered, a fake product may be sent, or the credit card may be used fraudulently, etc. There is a possibility that you may be affected by.
Please be careful not to place orders or make transfers on "fake sites".

■The mail order sites currently operated by our company are as follows.


Please check this when placing your order.


In the unlikely event that you fall victim to "fake site", we cannot take any action, so please contact your local police station.

Metropolitan Police Department (Beware of troubles on mail order sites!)




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