Notice of delivery delays due to long holidays at overseas warehouses (late January to February 17)

Thank you for always using RonRon.

Due to the long holiday in China where our overseas warehouse is located, our overseas warehouse will be closed from February 9th (Friday) to February 17th (Saturday), and all ordering and delivery operations for regular and pre-order items will be suspended. .

As a result, the delivery of products ordered (convenience store payment or bank transfer payment) received between late January and February 17th (Saturday) is expected to be delayed.

*Regular products are normally delivered within 10-30 days, but during this period, they will be delivered within 2 weeks to 1 and a half months .

*Reservation items may take approximately 1 week to 10 days longer than the stated delivery schedule.

Additionally, for orders placed between February 9th and 17th, we may not contact you regarding inventory confirmation or arrangements until after February 18th. Also, reservations may be canceled after the 18th.

☆Please refrain from making urgent purchases during the above period. ☆We are unable to accommodate requests for specific delivery dates or early shipping. Please note that it may take longer or we may not be able to respond ☆ We cannot accept cancellations due to not being able to make it in time for the wearing date. Please place your order with plenty of time to spare.

For immediate delivery items, we can ship within 3 business days as usual.
If you are in a hurry or have a fixed date to wear the item, we recommend ordering the item for immediate delivery.

Orders and RonRon customer service are open as usual.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding and understanding.

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