100% reduction when paying with PayPay!? "Super PayPay Festival" is being held

2022/10/17 (Mon) - 2022/12/28 (Wed)

All Japan Full Chance! Super PayPay Jumbo

RonRon is also a target store.

1st class of payment amount 100% , 2nd prize 5% , 3rd place 0.5% come back

*1 Credit cards other than PayPay cards and Yahoo cards are not eligible.

*2 A PayPay bonus will be given at a later date. Withdrawal/transferable

*3 This indicates the probability of winning, and it does not mean that you will always win once in three times. Please check PayPay HP for details

* This campaign is subject to change or end without notice.

Click here for details

PayPay deferred payment is also available.

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