Bear or Rabbit?甘くてかわいい♡王道うさぎ&くまアニマルモチーフロリィタ8選♡

Bear or Rabbit? Sweet and cute ♡ 8 standard animal motif Lolita selections ♡

Speaking of animal motifs in Lolita fashion...♡

After all, they are sweet and cute “rabbits” and “bears” ♡

This time, we will introduce 8 Lolita clothes with the standard sweet lolita🐰 rabbit & bear🧸 motif♪


Strawberry x rabbit is standard and cute ♫🍓

Animal Lolita

Strawberry princess dress with frills and ribbon in 4 colors

A gorgeous and photo-perfect princess dress.

Three-dimensional strawberries and flowers are cute♡

Add a rabbit brooch to your bonnet to make your face look smaller♡

Animal Lolita

[Simultaneous purchase only] Frill and ribbon Strawberry Princess brooch, bonnet, choker, etc.


Look for it ♡ Pastel colored rabbit ♡

Animal Lolita

White Moon Rose Elegant Dress

A slightly standard and elegant dress.

The long length allows you to wear it for a mature look.

There are rabbits in various places, so try to find out how many there are ♡


A bunny with refreshing blue and floppy ears is sure to be cute ♡

Animal Lolita

Flower Wall Cardamom Flower Loli Jumper Skirt

A jumper skirt with cool colors that gives it a fleeting impression.

The combination of flowers and floppy ears bunny is so cute♡


You can become a rabbit! ? Comes with a warm fur tippet at the neck♫

Animal Lolita

Netherland dwarf and Christmas tree jumper skirt with fur tippet

Perfect for winter ♡ Rabbit print celebrating Christmas ♡

You can join the rabbit family with this fluffy furty pet♪



Lots of dressed up little bears ♡🧸

Animal Lolita

Little Bear's Dollhouse Jumper Skirt

The bear wearing a ribbon is cute♡

Also available in dress type and suspender skirt type , perfect for twins coordination♫


A soft and gentle fairy tale stuffed bear ♡

Animal Lolita

A dream-filled fairy tale cute Lolita dress

Cute pastel pink ♡

Colorful stuffed bears are sitting in adorable poses.

Which child is your favorite?


Teddy bear + strawberry is the cutest ♡🍓

Animal Lolita

[Pre-order] Strawberry Teddy bear Sweet loli short sleeve dress Bear type

The retro brown teddy bear and the ripe bright red strawberry color go great together♡

Mark your waist cutely with a red ribbon ♡


Sweet coordination with pink ribbon and Kuma-chan 🎀

Animal Lolita

Strawberry milk color strawberry print sweet lolita jumper skirt with apron

A jumper skirt that looks like strawberry milk ♡ There is actually a hidden bear ♡

There are two styles, but they're so cute I can't choose...♡


How was it?

Please try out Lolita clothes with animal motifs that will make you happy just by looking at them♪

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