Lolita fashion that you want to wear to a V-kei live! 5 Gothic Lolita

I want to stand out in a cute way at my favorite artist's concert.

Live information of your favorite band has been lifted! There are many things to do before the day of the event, such as getting tickets and making hotel reservations for an expedition. Even so, since I'm going to meet someone I like, I want to participate in the race with perfect makeup and clothes! There should be a lot of people who think.
At the live venue, there are people in various outfits, such as people in suits coming home from work and people in cosplay.
In the midst of all this, this time, we will introduce 5 recommended Lolita fashions for staff V-kei live performances, as well as things to keep in mind when participating in Lolita outfits.

Points to note when participating in Lolita!

A live venue where a lot of people gather. If you want to see the artist as close as possible, or if you try to stand out too much with your clothes, it will annoy those around you, and you may end up becoming a poor fan.
To avoid that, let's take a look at the points you want to be careful about.

heel ban

Heels are absolutely prohibited at all-standing live performances such as live houses. It is dangerous to step on the love of those around you and injure yourself, so be sure to protect this.
Among the people who participate in live performances, I see people wearing heels to the venue and changing to sneakers before entering the venue. If you want to wear heels with your photos and coordination in mind, you can wear them differently.

minimal luggage

Pack only one bag that you can carry on your body.
There is a lot of contact with people in the venue, and I often find myself in a different place before the live starts and when it ends. If you bring more than you can carry with you, it can be a nuisance to those around you.

No hairpins allowed! tie your hair low

Tie your hair low.
Buns and high hairstyles are cute and stand out. However, it can be a nuisance to those behind you.
Also, do not wear accessories such as pair pins or headbands, as they may come off and cause injury when you headbang.

pannier volume

Wearing a pannier to create volume is the real pleasure of Lolita clothing.
However, at live performances where you are close to other people, such as when you are all standing, you should take them off. It will annoy people around you more than you think. Also, even if it is a reserved seat, make sure that it does not cause inconvenience to both sides.

5 gothic lolitas recommended for live performances

For V-kei concert participants, we recommend Gothic Lolita fashion with a black base that combines mysterious coolness with cuteness such as ribbons and lace. This time, we will introduce five selections carefully selected by the staff.

Check and Ribbon Gothic Lolita Jumper Skirt

A jumper skirt with purple checkered black ribbon, metal buttons and a sweet gothic lolita style.
You can enjoy it as a cute gothic lolita or as a punk lolita.

See Check and Ribbon Gothic Lolita Jumper Skirt

Live participation clothes Gothic Lolita style jumper skirt

A black jumper skirt with a punk atmosphere that you want to wear to your favorite live performances and events. There are also punk elements such as a choker around the neck, a zipper on the chest, and a studded belt with holes.
The fabric is embroidered and lace is applied to the shoulder straps and chest, giving it a cute atmosphere without being too hard.

View Live Entry Uniform Gothic Lolita Style Jumperskirt

Big Ribbon Gothic Lolita Leopard Jumper Skirt

A gothic lolita jumper skirt that mixes the cuteness of the ribbon with the coolness of the fake leather and leopard print.
Punk style and recommended for live competition clothes ♡

See Big Ribbon Gothic Lolita Leopard Jumper Skirt

Live participation clothes Gothic lolita jumper skirt with mini hat and accessories

Punk gothic lolita jumper skirt with faux leather check and mechanical print.

An item with an exquisite balance between a hard design and the cuteness of frills and lace. A mini hat, choker, belt, and bracelet complete the total outfit.

Live participation clothes Gothic lolita jumper skirt with mini hat and accessories

Short Sleeves Dark Retro Style Lolita Dress

A black-based dark dress.
Although it is a black base, the difference in the texture of the ribbon and lace creates a moderately luxurious feeling. The white around the neck gives it a loose feeling without being heavy .

Shop Short Sleeve Dark Retro Style Lolita Dress

Participate in the battle with me who is extraordinarily cute!

Live performance of your favorite artist. You want to be the cutest and cutest. While maintaining good etiquette so that fans and artists alike can have a great time, how about wearing the cutest Lolita clothes you like and hoping for an even more fun live than usual?

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